About Stacy

Stacy Ennis is a freelance writer, editor, and designer, as well as the author of The Editor's Eye: A Practical Guide to Transforming Your Book from Good to Great, which will be published in June 2012 through Night Owls Press in San Francisco.

Shortly after graduating from Boise State University with a bachelor’s in writing and a minor in visual art, Stacy moved to the Dominican Republic, where she taught writing, literature, grammar, and speech at a K12 school.  There she spent over a year living and traveling the island, immersing herself in the culture, and growing as a person.  From the mountainous town of Constanza to the beautiful beaches of Las Galeras, Stacy fell in love with both the country and traveling.

After the DR, Stacy moved again—this time to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.  It was in Vietnam where freelancexpat, her freelance company, was born, an idea sparked by seeing the need for good, solid English skills abroad.  Her interest in editing grew from there, and she eventually began working with all types of projects, varying from short promotional materials to full-length manuscripts.

Not long after returning to the U.S., Stacy accepted a position as the managing editor of Fusion Magazine in Boise, Idaho, where she helped found the magazine and create all processes; developed the storyboard for each issue; hired and managed over 30 writers, editors, and photographers; edited all content; and proofread each issue.  While in this position, she continued editing books and working with authors to achieve their dreams.

Presently, Stacy is pursuing a master’s in professional writing and editing at the University of Cincinnati, where she is fully funded as a graduate editorial assistant for Elsevier at Physiology & Behavior Journal.  She 
currently lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, but works with clients around the country.