26 February 2009

My first acceptance, ever!

Boise State update:

Last week I received an acceptance via e-mail.

Two days ago, I received an acceptance via snail-mail.

Today, I received...dum dum dum...A TEACHING ASSISTANSHIP!

(go me!)

25 February 2009

Update: UW

I just got off the phone with UW.  

I was told "no decision has been made on your file yet".
I'm taking that as good news - I haven't been rejected yet! Whee!

Oh, and I should hear within two weeks - rejections come via e-mail, acceptances come via postal mail.  

(Snail mail, won't you carry me an acceptance and assistantship?  Please?)

20 February 2009

a tiny little update

Okay, so here's the update:


You will receive notification of acceptance or denial by email or postal mail. Application Complete: The department has confirmed that it has received all necessary application information including letters, transcripts, test scores, and other required items.

Normal Advanced Degree plan for WSU-P term 2009-Fall
Status: Evaluated by GSA
Evaluated by Graduate School: 02/17/2009 Admitted: 00/00/0000 GPA 3.88
M.A. ENGL Objective pending evaluation

In Progress

Out to Graduate Department

I've also started the process of applying for a job in South Korea at Chonbuk National University.

That's it, no more news.  I'll update as the rejections/acceptances come!