24 September 2008

It's been awhile...

And so, it's been quite awhile since I have found solace in my little corner of the web.

Things have been rather exciting lately, or at least there is promise of excitement in the near future!

School has been dully hectic and quite strenuous.  I find myself ready to collapse at the end of the day, out of sheer mental exhaustion.  My constant need for perfection is really wearing me down.  I am trying - really - to chill a bit, let things come as they will, and be satisfied with what I am able to get done.  I can't be perfect.

Doug has been very busy as well with his graduate assistantship.  He has really found his niche in research, but I think it may take a bit for the initial drudgery to subside and for him to be able to really be "in his element".  He is doing well in grad school and I'm proud of the dedication that he shows to his studies.

We have the extreme fortune of being able to spend our busy time together.  I am thankful daily that we are both in similar situations in our lives and availability.  A lot of our time together isn't necessarily quality time - but at least we're together.

We recently learned that we will be spending the summer of 2009 in South Korea teaching ESL.  I'm so excited (and nervous) - I'm really looking forward to this adventure!  Doug bought me a book about South Korea and I can't wait to learn about the culture and the people.  We will be able to travel around South East Asia at the end of our trip - we'll be heading to Cambodia, Thailand, possibly Indonesia - and wherever else we have time for!

I'm so excited for the upcoming year - graduation, South Korea, growth in my relationship and growth as a person.

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Anonymous said...

I can't wait either, my love!!! =) You are embarking on a journey that so few people will ever experience for themselves! =) What a blessing! (One of my dear friends from Calvary is there, and she's dreading the day she has to leave. She'd be a wonderful personal to talk to!)