25 February 2009

Update: UW

I just got off the phone with UW.  

I was told "no decision has been made on your file yet".
I'm taking that as good news - I haven't been rejected yet! Whee!

Oh, and I should hear within two weeks - rejections come via e-mail, acceptances come via postal mail.  

(Snail mail, won't you carry me an acceptance and assistantship?  Please?)


Jason and Emily said...

Hey sweetness...You hang in there. I know the waiting game isn't fun, but at least you have a backup plan if these others don't work out (BSU!). I'm proud of you! I'll send up some prayers with your name on them. :)


(P.S. Are you able to view my webpage yet?)

Stacy Lynn said...

Em, thanks for the kind words! You are so sweet. :)

I can't see your page still. :( Did you "enable public access"?

Jason and Emily said...

yup! everyone else can see and comment on it. =( wtf?