09 November 2010

30 queries in 30 days

So, I've set a new challenge for myself: I am going to send 30 query letters to magazines, trade journals, or other publications in 30 days.

Chance of rejection: High.

Chance of a feeling of accomplishment: High.

Likelihood that I'll get a positive response: 30:1.

I'll be posting my responses here when I get them, assuming they're not too painful. I'm curious as to how the SASE envelope will work since I'm overseas, but I think I've figured out a reasonable solution for now.

And, so, the waiting begins.


Robin said...

I can't wait to see some!

This is a great challenge. What types of publications are you querying?

I have bumped up a goal of mine too....well, bumped it back to what it originally was, at least. I had wanted to have my novel draft finished by age 29, which gave me about a year half a year ago. But I didn't write a word over the summer, so I figured I better just bump it to 30, and get down to business this summer! But after a few really motivating talks with Al Heathcock, I'm bumping it back up to 29. And having an agent by 30. This means I have to write the bulk of the novel while in spring semester--ha! I'm going to have to really get my daily writing habit started, NOW. Wish me eighteen pounds of luck. :)

I can't wait to hear the updates here! I only ever sent out a few article queries, and of course they were all rejected except for The Boise Weekly. But there's varying excitement for different levels of rejections. One of my rejections still felt quite fun. :)

I wish you better, of course, but no matter what happens, this is so cool. :)

Luck luck luck!

Stacy Lynn said...


I can't wait until you finally finish your novel. You are incredibly talented and I'll be so excited when I finally get to have a signed, published copy of your work. :)

Your motivation is very inspiring for me, so don't lose that spirit of yours. You'll have your French cottage yet, paid for by royalties from the advance on your second novel. :)

Keep me updated on the progress and please consider me as a possible pre-press reader, I'd be honored to offer feedback on your work.

I wish you NINETEEN pounds of luck, although I'm fairly sure you won't need a since ounce of that. :)