19 December 2008

Oh, what can I do, do, do?

I'm taking the GRE this Saturday, which has been looming over my head for several months.  

I knew this test was coming, but did I start studying? No.  
Did I even open the book that I purchased at Barnes and Nobles (a month ago) until last week? No.  
Did I review any math? No.  
Did I memorize vocabulary? No.

Oh, and I have a viral infection which should peak tomorrow.  

But, what can I do?  Nothing. Nothing and nothing and nothing.  But, that's okay.  I'm holding to the philosophy that what is supposed to happen, will.  If my score is too low to get into the colleges that I want, that's okay, right?  I just need to trust that it will all work out.

And, besides, it won't be so bad to enter the working world, right?  Right?

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