23 November 2011

Kitty, Anyone?

Today, we rescued a sweet little kitty; we've been trying to catch her for over a month, and we were finally successful today.  We can't keep her, and we're looking for a good home in Cincinnati.  She is an absolute sweetheart, and I know she'll warm up to a loving person or family.

We cleaned her up today, scrubbing her really well with Dawn (recommended at Petsmart to kill fleas, since she is a stray).  We have her scheduled for a vet appointment on Friday and to be spayed on Tuesday.  She'll get all of her necessary shots at the vet appointment, too, so she'll be ready to go home with someone next week.

Here she is before her bath.  The poor thing was terrified.
Understandably, baths aren't her favorite.
I'm pretty sure she's thinking, "Hmmm...I could get used to this."
Still wet, but feelin' good.
Just a little smushkins, looking for a home.
If you're interested in adopting this little bundle of love, please e-mail me at writer@freelancexpat.com.

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