11 November 2011

Okay, So Maybe I Almost Forgot

But I didn't. I didn't forget to post a blog today...even if I am currently writing this on my way out for the evening. (Thank you, iPhone app!)

Today was one of those splendid days: I finished editing a book around 3:00, went frisbee golfing with my husband, and had dinner at home before leaving for the night.

It's days like this that remind me why I chose the profession -- the life -- that I did. Because, after all, writing and editing is a lifestyle, not just a job...not even just a career. It's a choice to push myself (even right now, as my husband sings in the background while I'm trying to think). It's a choice to monitor my productivity and make the most of my God-given talents. It's a choice to not be lazy and watch reruns of Gilmore Girls when I should be working. It's exhausting at times, but days like this reinforce these choices.

Someday, I will be done with school. I will be wealthy and be able to use my money for good and noble things. I will have more than a half day off a week, and I will make the most of that time.

For now, simply splendid days like today will help keep me centered. That, and running. And reading. And my supporting husband. :)

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