10 November 2011

Enough With the Cats Posts Already!

Yes, it's another cat post. I can't help it. Cats are interesting creatures.

My cat continually amazes me, especially now. As I write this blog, she is attacking my hand, running around the room in a mad sprint, and getting ready to pounce...seemingly all at once.

But what amazes me most about her is her always honest reaction to everything. Don't want to be pet? Bite. Don't want to be bothered? Hiss. Want something? Rub someone's legs, preferably the person holding a can opener and Trader Joe's "Tuna for Cats."

Yes, cats are interesting creatures. I think I'll keep my cat around...even if she is a little too honest sometimes.

And, on that note, I'm going to try to stay away from cats for the next few blog posts. I'm *this* close to having to rename the blog, "Cat Addict."

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