26 November 2011

Today was pretty splendid. I was awakened to my husband calling me for breakfast and coffee (yes, please!). I then did a little cleaning and went on a nice 6-mile (or so) run.

After that, I watched the BSU win, lounged around a little bit, ate a delicious dinner of tofu fried rice (again, made by my husband), and went to get a drink with a friend. We also narrowly avoided a house fire, but that's another blog entry.

Not bad, not bad at all.

You see, days like this don't come very often for me. So, when they do, I really, really enjoy them. It makes all of the long hours worth it, you know? With my schedule, something as simple a couple hours of free time feels like a little but of a miracle, and down days like this are precious.

I sometimes wonder if this is normal -- does everyone have schedules like mine? When will my life be less hectic? Or, will it? Only time will tell, I guess.

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